Celebrate 850 years !

Among the great projects and events are:

  • a new bell chime in the cathedral towers composed of eight new bells and a new tenor bell which will crown the great tenor bell Emmanuel,
  • the improvement of the lighting of the interior,
  • the renovation of the Great Organ,
  • an exceptional musical season of the cathedral choir linking heritage and creation,
  • a scientific symposium,
  • exhibitions,
  • monumental shows,
  • exceptional books,
  • a new museography for the Treasury museum.

The heart of this anniversary will be the pilgrimage which will be offered to everyone and which will begin on the cathedral square on which will stand an ephemereal building esecially designed for the anniversary.

We wish to offer to everyone to look at the Lord and the Virgin Mary and rediscover the beauty and the wealth of Notre-Dame de Paris. You can already write up this pilgrimage in next year calendar!

Paris archbishop and president of the episcopal conference, cardinal André Vingt-Trois will preside the opening day and give the go-ahead to every diocese of the world.

You are all invited to join the celebration of 850 years of Notre-Dame de Paris !