World Organ Day 2013



Sacred music regulates the cathedral’s life since its construction and the organ has been there since the beginning. First in the choir only, then hanged in the nave, an organ was built on the gallery in 1401 and became after many restorations and reconstructions, one of the most famous organs in the world: The Great Organ of Notre-Dame de Paris.Thanks to it, Organ music regulates the cathedral life since its early times. It is to pay tribute to this music that during the 850th anniversary, on May 6th 20131 was held the World Organ Day 2013.
More than 850 concerts rang out in places of worship and concert halls on the five continents. Due to time differences the concerts stretched on more than 24 hours, giving this event proportions without precedent. The concerts was coordinated by Notre-Dame de Paris 2013 association in partnership with several organists associations but independently organized by each place of worship or concert hall. In order to introduce or help the widest audience to rediscover the beauty of organ music, many media-related means have been displayed to give more visibility to this instrument which is sometimes unrecognized by the general public. On may 6th, the organists of the cathedral Notre-Dame de Paris gave 5 concerts from 08:30 pm to 01:00 am.

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(indicative map and list which updated regularly)

  1. Some concerts may be held on May 5th 2013