The choir with the Vierge du Pilier (Virgin of the Pillar), the Altar, the Pietà and the Organ. ©NDP

The heart of this 850th anniversary are the pilgrimages from the beginning of the Jubilee year on December 12th 2012 to the end on November 24th 2013. The faithful as well as every visitor are invited to discover Jesus Christ by walking the Jubilee’s Path.

2013 is a unique occasion to come as a pilgrim to Notre-Dame de Paris. It is indeed a jubilee pilgrimage glorifying this exceptional place and celebrating 850 years of devotion to the Virgin Mary. For this occasion, our beautiful cathedral is bedecked with its most precious garments and everyone is invited to rediscover its treasures in a faithful and spiritual approach.

This path has been imagined around Saint Augustine sentence : « Via viatores quaerit » – I am the Way which seeks travelers. It begins on the cathedral square with a 13 meters high door and follows through to the western façade where the visitors can admire its 3 admirably sculpted portals. The path then continues in the cathedral highlighting its masterpieces and allowing those who wish it to make their pilgrimage.

We offer to everyone who wish it to live this pilgrimage by walking the « Jubilee’s Path » and by doing symbolic gestures at the 8 steps of the path (the Door and the Way, the Western Facade, the baptismal fonts, the stained glass roses, the Altar, the Virgin of the Pillar, the relics of the Passion and the Sacrament chapel, Saint Genevieve chasse).


If you wish to participate in the pilgrimage, please read the following information.

« Via viatores quaerit »

« I am the Way which seeks travelers »

Saint Augustine


In response to the Pope Benedict XVIth in its apostolic letter Prota Fidei published on October 11th 2011, we wish to give this event the dynamism of the Year of the Faith and the Universal Church. By choosing a theme allowing everyone to deepen their knowledge of the pastoral suggestions offered in the Year of the Faith, we wish to help the pilgrims to discover their own Word of Faith by finding its source, the Word of God and by rediscovering the writings of the Magisterium (Vatican II council, the Catholic Church Catechism, …). Moreover, this theme bears the requirements linked to a Jubilee by calling everyone to meet the Lord personally. According to Saint Augustine Human life is like a road on which we are asked to walk on towards a goal much greater than us. Jesus Christ invites us to follow Him on this road and celebrating this Jubilee is a way to live in the freedom that He gives to us.


  • Access
    • The entrance is completely free.
    • The Jubilee’s path is accessible to everyone.


  • Opening schedule
    • The cathedral and the Jubilee’s Path are opened from 8:00AM to the end of the last service.


  • How to come in an organized pilgrimage?
    • To prepare your pilgrimage, please contact the pilgrimage coordination :
      • +33.(0)
      • pelerinages[at]notredamedeparis2013.com


  • The pilgrims’ Mass
    • During the pilgrims’ Mass will be offered the possibility to renew the baptismal vows.
    • Groups with a priest can ask to celebrate a mass from Monday to Saturday at 10 :00AM or 4 :00PM. They need to contact the pilgrimage coordination prior to their visit.


  • The pilgrim bag
    • A pilgrim bag is sold 5 € on the cathedral square (in front of the cathedral and also inside at the information desk and at the souvenirs shop). This bag contains all  the tools to make the pilgrimage and other souvenirs of this special year.
    • Organised groups can order it prior to their visit.
    • Children can also get their own bags with games especially made for them (5 €).
    • Check bith bags on: NDP 2013 – pilgrimage – souvenirs


  • Participate in the regular services
    • Week services, from Monday to Saturday morning:
      • 8 :00 mass in the choir
      • 9 :00 Pilgrims’ mass in the choir
      • 12 :00 mass at the great altar
      • 17 :45 Vesper service
      • 18 :15 Pilgrims’ mass at the great altar
    • Sunday services
      • Saturday
        • 17h45 Vesper service
        • 18h30 Pilgrims’ mass at the great altar
      • Sunday , every office is at the great altar
        • 8 :00 mass
        • 9 :30 Lauds service
        • 10 :00 Gregorian mass of the cathedral chapter
        • 11:30 International pilgrims’ mass
        • 12:45 mass
        • 17:45 Vesper service
        • 18:30 Pilgrim mass


  • Pray in the cathedral
    • Veneration of the Crown of Thorns and the Passion Relics : every first Friday of the month, and every Friday of Lent at 3:00PM. All day long on Holy Friday.
    • Ostention of the Crown of Thorns every Friday after the 6 :15PM mass
    • Eucharistic adoration on every Thusrday after the 6 :15PM mass until 7:30PM.


  • How to go to confession?
    • It is possible to go to confession or meet a priest every day in the chapels on the right of the nave.
      • During the week and on Saturday : from 10:00AM to 12:30PM and from 2:30PM to 7:00PM.
      • Sunday : from 10 :00AM to 12:30PM and from 3:00PM to 7:00PM.
      • Languages : French, English, German, Italian, Spanish, Fon, Mooré, Japanese.