Help fund the 850 years !

On December 12th 2012 the cardinal-archbishop of Paris, André Vingt-Trois will give the kick-off of Notre-Dame de Paris 850th anniversary. These celebrations whose patrons are the French president, the Minister for Culture and Paris mayor, won’t happen without your help !

Several projects are already in progress such as the creation of a new chime for the cathedral or the improvement of the lighting inside the cathedral. Every of these projects take some time to prepare and money to achieve and the budget is of approximately six and a half millions euros. The fundation for the 850 years of Paris cathedral allows you to help us give this event the scope and beauty it deserves !

You can help us thanks to this online form, by clicking here. You can also send your donation at the following address :

Fondation des 850 ans
6, parvis Notre-Dame – Place Jean-Paul II
75004 Paris

Every donation to the fundation allows you to reduce the french taxes of your company or household (please refer to the french article).  Please refer to your country tax laws to see if you can benefit of tax reduction by funding a french fundation.